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Pos-No.: 02-0652 Diaphragm pump

Make/Type: Pamasol / X2089-001/001
Model: 2008
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: diaphragm pump to fill suspensions with HFA 134a or 227, specially appropriated to pump the suspension continuously from the mixing tank to the... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0651 Sachet filler

Make/Type: Laudenberg / FBM 30
Model: 2006
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: for filling and packing of liquid / cremes, bag sizes min. 50 x 70 mm, max. 93 x 210 mm, output 300 bags/min, max. 4-fold bags, horizontale working,... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0649 Tube filler

Make/Type: Norden / NM 400-HA
Model: 2002
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: hot-air welding for laminate and plastic tubes, output 600-2,400 tubes/h, tube length 50-245 mm, tube-Ø 10-50 mm according to format parts, dosing... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0646 Tablet counting/filling machine

Make/Type: Cremer / Model 830
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: 8 channel counter with 1 filling station, output appr. 35 cycles/min on 100-count container, 0-9999 products/container, product length 0-99 mm,... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0645 Palletizer

Make/Type: Langhammer / Linear
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: for palletizing of cartons on EURO-pallets (1200 x 800 mm), max height of pallet 1700 mm, output max. 13 pallets/h, max. weight each apllet 850 kg,... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0643 Liquid filling and closing plant for vials/bottles

Make/Type: Groninger / DFVG 4130, DTE 1000
Model: 2008
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Output max. 3,600 objects/h, for bottle diam. 14 - 68 mm, bottle height 30 - 140 mm, dosing range 0,2 - 66 ml according to pump sets, lift dosing... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0642 Tablet sorting machine

Make/Type: Seidenader / DS 5
Model: 1996
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: 5-tracks, sorting criteria thickness, for dragées, tablets, capsules, candies and chiclets, output appr. 150 kg/h according to product, sorting... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0641 Tablet counting/filling machine

Make/Type: King / TB 4 (GMP)
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: semi automatic unit suitable for tablets, dragees, capsules, diam. 5.0 - 25.0 mm according to format part, presently adjusted for capsules, 2 filling... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0639 Liquid filler and capper

Make/Type: Bausch + Ströbel / KSF 1020
Model: 1999
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: S/s-style, adjusted for filling of vials/bottles and closing for PP-caps, transport star wheel 12-figures, 4 filling stations for steady objects,... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0635 Liquid filler and capper

Make/Type: IMA Farmomac / F 57
Model: 2003
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: s/s-style, 4-stations filling station (half-full filling), object-Ø 14-80 mm according to change parts, height 35-180 mm, output max. 4... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0629 Capsule filler

Make/Type: MG2 / Compact
Model: 1998
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: For hard gelantine capsules, tube dosing, output 6.000-48.000 capsules/h, suitable for capsules sizes 00 - 5 according to size parts, available size... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0628 Deblisterer

Make/Type: RBP / Press Out
Model: 1993
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: s/s-style, output max. 56 blister/min, variable speed, blister width 30 - 150 mm, blister length of 40 - 140 mm, 3 change parts available for blister... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0624 Capper

Make/Type: Groninger / KVK 206 S
Model: 2005
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: usable for screw cap, output 10.800 pcs/h, height objects 30-280 mm, object diam. max. 100 mm, 2 set of change parts 200 ml PET shaped bottles / 100... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0622 Tube filler

Make/Type: IWK / TFS 10
Model: 1993
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: for alu-tubes (double/triple seam) + laminate/plastic tubes with hot air welding, output 25-60 tubes/min., for tube diam. 11-52 mm, tube length... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0612 Tube filler

Make/Type: Wick / Minitube 1000
Model: 2012
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: for aluminium tubes with twofold/fourfold seam, output max. 2.100 tubes/h, tube-Ø 10-40 according to change parts, tube length 50-250 mm, dosing... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0611 Capsule filler

Make/Type: MG2 / Planeta 100
Model: 2001/2011
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: output max. 100,000 capsules/h., for capsules size 000 - 5 according to change parts, available change parts for capsule size 2 +0el (elongated),... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0593 Liquid filling and closing plant for vials/bottles

Make/Type: Kugler (Optima) / K 54 R/K 708-1
Model: 1998
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: output max. 3.600 bottles/h, only for nail varnish, change parts for bottle 8.5 + 11.5 ml, made in s/s. explosion proofed EEX iB IIc T4, s/s chain... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0589 Insert and closing machine (NeoTop) for ampoules/vials

Make/Type: Heißwolf / WBS 1-12 NeoTop
Model: 2001
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: for insert of ampoules/vials in ready erected system folding boxes NeoTop from RONDO AG, here for boxes 125x94x22 mm for max. 12 drinking ampoules,... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0588 Filling machine for liquids

Make/Type: Groninger / KFVG 202
Model: 2001
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: output max. 7,200 objects/h, working area Ø 6,85-28 mm, height 40-120 mm (according to change part set), dosing area max. 20 ml, for unsteady... more details

Pos-No.: 02-0575 Syringes filling and closing machine (PFS)

Make/Type: Inova/Optima / SV 122
Model: 2000
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: output max. 4,000 objects/h, filling area 0,2-29 ml according to pumps, 2 filling stations with 2 rotating piston pumps each 0,2-2,1 ml, for the... more details
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