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Pos-No.: 03-0137 Deep-drawing/sealing machine

Make/Type: Tommy Nielsen / Universal 501 FSX
Model: 2002
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Semi-automatic with rotary table
Max. Tool dimensions 300 x 500 mm
Max. Tool height 120 mm
Max. output 16 cycles/min
Moulding and... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0134 Blister machine

Make/Type: Uhlmann / B 1240
Model: 2006
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Set up for ALU/PVC and ALU/ALU operation
• Format range blister (W x L) min 50 x 22 mm / max. 156 x 115 mm
• Drawing depth max.... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0130 Blister packer

Make/Type: Uhlmann / SimTab
Model: 2003
Location: -
Description: Dedicated feeder for any tablets or capsules on blistering machines f.e. Uhlmann UPS 300 / B 1240

intermittent motion
for diverse... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0129 Thermoforming machine

Make/Type: Zappe / SKA 3550 T
Model: 2011
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Machine for manufacturing of vacuum moulding parts made of plastic film from the reel (ABS, PVC, PS, PET, PC etc.), film thickness max. 0,9 mm or... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0127 Blister machine

Make/Type: Uhlmann / UPS 2 DT
Model: 1987
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: adjusted for ALU/PVC, output 15-50 forming strokes/min, max. 100 punching strokes/min, max. 400 blister/min, formate and punching area max. (index x... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0121 Blister machine

Make/Type: Uhlmann / UPS 1020
Model: 1991
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Punching area max. 110 mm in web travel direction, max. 180 mm width, forming depth max. 12 mm, Index length 50-112 mm, output 15-60 punching... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0106 Blister machine

Make/Type: Klöckner-Pentapack / E.A.S. Unit Dose
Model: 1981
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: blister size length 27 mm, blister width 100 mm, drawing depth 12 mm, output knife 15-90 cyles/min, sev. tool sets for blister size 28 x 100 m for... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0092 Blister machine

Make/Type: Klöckner (Otto Hänsel) / CP 10
Model: 1984/2011
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Deep drawing and blister machine for PVC/PVDC - Alu, blister size max (width x length) 220 x 140 mm, max. depth 12 mm, output 10-50 cycles/min, film... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0077 Blister machine

Make/Type: Uhlmann / UPS 4 MT
Model: 1982
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: for PVC/PVDC-Alu, output max. 50 forming cycles/min, max. 200 punching cycles/min, max. 600 blister/min, max. formate area (index length x width) 222... more details