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Pos-No.: 05-0130

Pos-No.: 05-0130 Labeller all-around

Make/Type: Groninger / HER 015
Model: 2001
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

output max. 7.200 objects/h, working area object Ø 6.85-28 mm, height 35-120 mm, for label height 20-120 mm, length 30-120 mm, glueing height min. 4 mm, thermotransfer printer Allen LX 2 from 2006, colour free selectable according to film cassette, code reader with PCE-camera for LOT + EXP, max. 4 lines, 2 luminescence switches for label presence, bad discharge, PLC Siemens S7/300, with change part set for drinking ampoule 10 ml (Ø 16 x 85 mm height) with plastic screw-cap Ø 14,0 x 10,0 mm height (change part set new in 2014), connection 220/400V/50Hz, regularely maintained, once a year general overhauled, only 650-850 working hours/year one shift

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