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Pos-No.: 06-0380 Tablet/dragee/capsule inspection belt

Make/Type: Seidenader / V50-2
Model: 2014
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: 96 control rollers made of translucent Polycarbonat (Macrolon), max. 100,000 products/h or 50 kg/h, feed hopper, suction funnel and collecting box... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0379 Tablet printing device

Make/Type: Ackley / Three Drum Printer
Model: 2012
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Three drum printer for two side offset printing of film/sugar-coated tablets, caplets, oval-shaped products and hard-shell gelatin capsules, output... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0377 Rotary tablet press

Make/Type: Kilian / RX 35
Model: 1998/2005
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Double rotary press, 35 stations, pressing/pre-pressing capacity max. 100/18 kN, tablet dia max. 28 mm, filling depth max. 20 mm according to filling... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0374 Rotary tablet press

Make/Type: Kilian / RTS 20
Model: 1986
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: 20 pressing stations, for Kilian tools 25/32, dies 35/32, keyed head, pressing capacity max. 100 kN, pre-pressing capacity 23 kN, tablet-Ø max. 20... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0370 Tablet deduster

Make/Type: Krämer / E 80
Model: 2006
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: downhill transport 300 mm, suitable for tablets dia 5-25 mm as well as capsules, output in accordance of tablet form 50,000-3,000,000 tablets/h,... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0369 Single-punch tablet press

Make/Type: Röltgen / FlexiTab
Model: 2008
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Special edition s/s-style, for galenic development and small production runs, flexible press process through pressure cylinder, FlexiTab software... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0367 Tablet deduster

Make/Type: Krämer / E 92-500
Model: 2004
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: deduster spiral Ø 220 mm, spiral height 220 mm, air pressure connection for exhaust, connection for dust exhaust, vibration adjustable with control... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0365 Tablet deduster/deburrer

Make/Type: Fette / Gratex
Model: 1990
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: S/s-style, rotor speed electronically adjustable, height adjustable, tiltible, mobile, electr. connection... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0364 Eccentric tablet press

Make/Type: Korsch / EK II
Model: 1991
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: tablet-Ø/transversal max. 50 mm with single tool, filling depth max. 40 mm, output max. 3.000 tabl./h. with single tool, pressing capacity max. 120... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0358 Forced feeder

Make/Type: Kilian / TX - A
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: complete set for Kilian TX for EU B / D tooling. Includes:

- drive, speed adjustable
- hopper with lid
- forced feeder
- mounting table incl.... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0357 Tablet deduster

Make/Type: Manesty /
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: s/s version, speed adjustable 10 - 120 rpm, drive 220V/50|60 Hz, height and pitch adjustable, height infeed 0,8 - 1,1 m, mobile, good... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0342 Rotary tablet press

Make/Type: Courtoy / R190F/36
Model: 1996
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: single rotary press, 36 punching stations, pressing-/pre-pressing capacity max. 80/10 kN, tablet-Ø max. 13 mm, filling depth max. 19 mm, output max.... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0332 Tablet tester

Make/Type: Kilian / TWA 100-2
Model: 1999
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: with precision weighing scale Sartorius BP 61S, measuring output >5 tablets/min (BP 61S), tablet-Ø max. 20 mm, tablet height 1-12,5 mm, max. tablet... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0270 Tablet deduster

Make/Type: Krämer / E 79
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: deduster spiral Ø 200 mm, spiral height 100 mm, drive 220V/50Hz, vibrations adjustable, s/s... more details
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