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Pos-No.: 13-0096

Pos-No.: 13-0096 Tube filling, closing and packing plant

Make/Type: Norden / NM 700 EM, NP 1000
Model: 1999, 1985
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Line for Alu-tubes consisting of: Tube filling and closing machine, make IWKA, type TU 100 and folding box cartoner, make IWKA, type CP 150:

- tube filling and closing machine TU 100, for alu-tubes (double/tripple seam):
output max. 100 tubes/min, tube-Ø 10-40 mm according to change parts, tube length 52-250 mm, dosing 2,5-500 ml according to dosing pumps, 4 pumps available for filling areas 2,5-13,5/3,5-31,8/13,5-136 and 26,8-196 ml, several change parts for alu tube-Ø 13,5/19/22/25/28 and 35 mm, image adjustment, immersed filling, rotary valve dosing piston with retractive suction, feeding funnel with stirrer, filling level monitoring, embossing, code reading Systec TE 2000 with terminal TE2000, switch control, tube hand-over conveyor to cartoner CP 150

- folding box cartoner, type CP 150:
continuously running, box formates width 20-90 mm, height 15-60 mm, length 55-180 mm, output max. 150 boxes/min., GUK automatic brochure folding and inserting machine FA 21/4 SVA 21, Cartonac 81 (max. 4 folds), single side colour embossing device 3-rows, for shifted tuck flaps, code reading Argus Laetus 4 for 2x brochure and 1x flap, bad discharge, vacuum pump Becker (mint condition), PLC Siemens S5 95U

The entire line was in production until September 2016 and was maintained regularly by enduser and manufacturer, several filling nozzles and spare parts, drive 230/400V/50H

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