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Pos-No.: 99-0752

Pos-No.: 99-0752 Coater

Make/Type: GS / IMA / Multi System HT/M025
Model: 1997
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

For film coating (Air) and sogar coating (Airless) of tablets/microtablets, container volume 25 l, charge size appr. 13-25 l, 6 guide blades, container made of s/s 1.4401 (AISI 316), container without perforation, container dia 800 mm, mouth opening 300 mm, container speed 0-20 rpm, sugar pump, cleaning program, temperature control, PLC Siemens S5-95U, display ESA VT55000P0, 3-channel recorder for core/outlet air/inlet air temperature, interface RS 232 for Backup Data, IQ documentation of 1997 available, last calibration in 04/2019, without inlet and outlet air devices (vans, filter) due to central air supply at enduser, electr. connection 400V/50Hz

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