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Pos-No.: 99-0747 Bunker conveyor belt

Make/Type: * / *
Model: *
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: speed conveyor adjustabl, discharging height appr. 1190 mm, conveyor-belt width 250 mm, lamella distance 170 mm, lamella height 30 mm, feeding bunker... more details

Pos-No.: 06-0377 Rotary tablet press

Make/Type: Kilian / RX 35
Model: 1998/2005
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Double rotary press, 35 stations, pressing/pre-pressing capacity max. 100/18 kN, tablet dia max. 28 mm, filling depth max. 20 mm according to filling... more details

Pos-No.: 03-0121 Blister machine

Make/Type: Uhlmann / UPS 1020
Model: 1991
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Description: Punching area max. 110 mm in web travel direction, max. 180 mm width, forming depth max. 12 mm, Index length 50-112 mm, output 15-60 punching... more details
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