Complete lines and Plants

Pos.-No.: 13-0107

Roller conveyor system

Make: sfb Fördertechnik
Type: Div.
Model: 2018
The system consists of 9 different roller conveyor belts and 1 plastic link belt:
• Roller conveyor belts, short, 2 pieces, type… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0106

Bottle washing/sterilizing/filling/closing line

Make: Bausch & Ströbel
Type: AWU 6030, DHT 62125, ESM 10010, RVB 4080
Model: 2015
System for filling infusion bottles for lipid emulsions and closing with rubber stopper and aluminium cap
• Construction in a straight… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0105

Blister packing line

Make: Uhlmann
Type: UPS 1030 MTI + C 2205
Model: 2003 / 2014
Blister packaging line consisting of: Thermoforming blister machine Uhlmann UPS 1030 MTI and folding carton packaging machine Uhlmann C… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0104

Suppository plant with filler, cooling unit and sealing machine

Make: CP-Citopac, Sarong
Type: SFD-10 CP, SG-6/F, BST-10 CP
Model: 1998, 1985
• Suppository production line for prefabricated plastic cast packaging
• Working direction from right to left
• Output max. 10,500… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0102

Aerosol filling/closing plant

Make: Pamasol
Type: X02046-023/003, P 2058/1, Micromat P 2015/1B
Model: 2007, 1992
Aerosol system for the pharmaceutical sector (set up for anti-asthmatic product), capacity max. 50 doses/min, consisting of:

Dose sorter… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0097

Blister packing line

Make: Mediseal
Type: CP 400 / P 3000
Model: 1998
Blister packaging line, consisting of: Thermoforming blister machine Mediseal CP 400 and folding box cartoning machine Mediseal P 3000,… more details