Complete lines and Plants

Pos.-No.: 13-0101

Blister packing line

Make: Uhlmann
Type: UPS 1030 MKT + C 2155
Model: 2007
Location: Supplier
• Blister packaging line consisting of: Thermoforming blister machine Uhlmann UPS 1030 MKT and folding cartoning machine Uhlmann C… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0100

Stickpack (Sachet) packing plant (mini tablets/granules)

Make: Vector, Schmucker, Wipotec, OCS, Schleuter
Type: sev.
Model: sev.
Location: Supplier
System consisting of:
? Box erector and side sealer, make Vector, type VBE-SH11 and VBC-LT11, year 2003
- Side sealer hotmelt with gluing… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0099

Tablet/capsule counting and filling plant

Make: Kugler, PPS
Type: Linoclean, Flexocount, Pharmacount 12-2
Model: 2005
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Plant for filling tablets and capsules into containers (bottles/cans), consisting of:
• Blow-out machine Kugler Linoclean:
- Output… more details
Pos.-No.: 13-0098

Effervescent tablet tube filling line

Make: Medipac
Type: m35
Model: 2005
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Line for filling of effervescent tablets in tubes, consisting of:
• Inclined conveyor for tablets for use with forward tablet press
•… more details