Used Machinery / 01 Masticators and Mixers / IMA Zanchetta Rotolab
Pos.-No.: 01-0315
Pos.-No.: 01-0315

Mixer granulator

Make: IMA Zanchetta
Type: Rotolab
Model: 1998
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Labor blender in pharma version, gross volume 2.8 ltrs., max. capacity 1.8 ltrs., jacketed swivel bowl, working pressure 0.6 bar, mixing speed 20 - 955 rpm regulated by frequency converter, top mounted chopper 700 - 1.500 rpm, integrated heater, max. bowl temp. 85°C, temperature sensor, connection for vacuum and nitrogen (GA.ST.), vacuum pump, mobile, el. connection 230V/50Hz/2.5kW

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