Pos.-No.: 01-0324
Pos.-No.: 01-0324

Planetary mixer

Make: Netzsch
Type: PMH 18
Model: 2013/2017
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

• Vacuum mixing and kneading system with 2 planetary mixing shafts and 1 wall/floor scraper.
• Particularly suitable for the preparation of highly viscous pastes and sealing compounds, consisting of a high-speed (speed 200-2,500 rpm) and a low-speed agitator (speed 20-200 rpm)
• Speed planetary disc 7-84 rpm
• Mixing tools 2x cross beam and 2x butterfly, possible combinations cross beam on both sides, cross beam and butterfly, butterfly on both sides
• High-speed mixing shaft with reversal of direction of rotation
• 2 containers each with a total capacity of approx. 18 l, usable capacity 5-15.0 l (depending on product)
• Container diam. 270 mm, depth 316 mm, total height 335 mm
• Heating/cooling jacket, max. operating temperature 90°C, without heating/cooling device, designed for factory water
• Hydraulic container lifting/lowering device
• Press-out device, material wetted parts 1.4404 (AISI 316 L), ground grain 320 and electropolished
• Seals VITON, PTFE compound with FDA approval
• Material stand 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)
• 3 spray heads
• Product temperature measuring device with PT 100 sensor with switch-off of the agitator shaft drives when an adjustable set temperature is reached
• 4-channel data recorder
• Vacuum pump, hydraulic pump
• Measuring data acquisition software
• PLC Siemens S7-300, interfaces RJ45, Ethernet, cross-over, display steel MT-65
• Drive 230/400V/50Hz/9kW
• No explosion protection
• Without wiring Control cabinet machine
• Mixer is mounted on stainless steel plate
• In 2017 completely new seals and stands in split design in material 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti) in the manufacturer's works, since then unused

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