Diosna P 100 Pharma High-shear mixer
Pos.-No.: 01-0348
Pos.-No.: 01-0348

Diosna P 100
Pharma High-shear mixer

Make: Diosna
Type: P 100
Model: 1994

• Stainless steel pharmaceutical version for mixing predominantly powdery materials and for granulating after the addition of binding agents
• Gross capacity 122 litres, usable capacity approx. 37 - 100 litres
• Mixing tool 1420/2840 rpm, 3.7/4.4 kW, drive with air gap seal
• Chopper tool 1420/2890 rpm, 2.8/3.5 kW, double-blade, one-piece, drive with air gap seal
• Container jacketed for heating/cooling (without separate heating/cooling unit)
• Product temperature sensor
• Blind flange for retrofitting a DIOSNA Mixing Probe
• Lockable opening in the container lid for adding mixing components
• Nozzle for adding liquid
• Screw cap with degassing/venting filter
• Pneumatic outlet, can be swivelled off for cleaning
• Integrated control cabinet with pressurised enclosure, protection class E Ex p (T4), make Gönnheimer, type F 800, control unit FS 821, control panel BT 81 4.1
• IPC Lauer VS486 control unit with HMI
• Drive 400/230/24V/50Hz
• Installation of a new control unit (no ATEX) possible at additional cost

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