Pos.-No.: 02-0668
Pos.-No.: 02-0668

Sealing machine

Make: Fillpack
Type: L01-DO
Model: 2010
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

adjusted for sealing of cans with round plastic film punched out of a reel, with double punching station and double sealing station, operation direction left to right, station adjustment in can operation direction, prepared for installation of a conveyor (not attached) for intake of cans/bottles in provided transport cups (not attached), it was used transport cups of M/s. Rationator, type RATILIGHT Puck 1 for object sizes 50-1000 ml (see pdf), output max. 50-60 objects/min, max. object height 400 mm, punching with punching knifes, available punching and sealing format parts for film dia 83,1 mm, film grid reel, PLC Siemens S7-300, Siemens Touch monitor, electr. connection 400V/50Hz, machine worked together with downstream closing machine Rationator Robocap 40/6, our item-# 02-0667 (already sold). A new filling machine from Fillpack can be purchased with approx. 60 objects/min. (New price approx. EUR 100,000) to form a complete filling, sealing and closing line together with our Rationator 02-0667 (see pdf)

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