Pos.-No.: 02-0691
Pos.-No.: 02-0691

Tube filler

Make: Norden
Type: NM 400-HA
Model: 1992
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Hot-air welding for plastic and laminate tubes
1 filling station, capacity 600-2,400 tubes/h
Tube lengths 50-245 mm depending on format parts
Tube diam. 10-50 mm depending on format parts
Tube input chute semi-automatic
Dosing 1-300 ml depending on pump cylinder
1 pump cylinder for 25-300 ml
Tube alignment according to print mark
Filling nozzle diam. 37 mm with blow-off function
Tube welding/encoding and cooling station
Tube cutting station
Format parts for tube diam. 50, tube length 161 mm, of which cap height 23 mm
Product container made of s/s ( not shown on photos)
PLC Texas Instruments model 425
Drive 380V/50Hz

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