Used Machinery / 02 Filling and Packing machines / Comarme NCF-980 / GT-B150-H20
Pos.-No.: 02-0699
Pos.-No.: 02-0699

Carton erector with sealer

Make: Comarme
Type: NCF-980 / GT-B150-H20
Model: 2000

Fully automatic erector for corrugated cardboard folding boxes
Direction of travel from right to left
Carton format range widt 160 - 460 mm, height 160-610 mm, length 210/300 - 510/600 mm
Output max. 15 cartons/min, depending on the format
Bottom sealing machine GT-B150-H20 for gluing with self-adhesive tape
Manual format adjustment
Drive 400V/50Hz

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