Vector VBE-SH11 Box erector with side sealer
Pos.-No.: 02-0720
Pos.-No.: 02-0720

Vector VBE-SH11
Box erector with side sealer

Make: Vector
Type: VBE-SH11
Model: 2002

• Equipped for toploader boxes
• Output max. 20 cartons/min
• Blank magazine
• Blank transport
• Gluing station with 2 glue nozzles for side flaps with Robatec Concept 4 hotmelt gluer
• Folding station with folding stamp
• Carton discharge with outfeed conveyor
• Vacuum generation with Venturi nozzles
• Touch screen Siemens Pro-Face
• Elau Pac-Drive control with 1x Max-4 and 4x MC-4
• 4 formats for toploader cartons:
• Blanks: 225x204, 284x263, 284x348, 397x458 mm
• Ready glued WxDxH in throughfeed direction: 70x95x35, 70x95x65 mm and 70x182x65mm, 70x182x120 mm, other formats possible
• Drive 24/400V/50Hz
• Qualification documentation (IQ/OQ)

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