MG2 G 120 Capsule filling/closing machine
Pos.-No.: 02-0747
Pos.-No.: 02-0747

MG2 G 120
Capsule filling/closing machine

Make: MG2
Type: G 120
Model: 2001

• For hard gelatine capsules
• Output max. 120,000 capsules/h
• Available formats for capsule sizes 00, 0, 0el, 1, 2, 4
• Available dosing rings for pellets/microfilm tablets and dosing station for powder/granules
• Deionisation for static powders
• Sample weight control by Sartorios balance, automatic operation, with control via PLC for MG2 dosing, regularly calibrated
• Capsule hopper
• Empty capsule sorting with lifting device for deformed capsules
• Tricaps finished capsule sorting machine for deformed capsules
• Bulk suction and powder feed via Volkmann vacuum devices with various suction lances for different products
• Separate suction unit with side channel blowers
• Only H1 and FDA lubricants from Klüber
• Regular maintenance by MG2 and own personnel (monthly, ¼ yearly, yearly, by the hour)
• Complete spare parts package for 4,000 h maintenance available
• Replacement main curve
• Various stainless steel trolleys and cabinets for formats and spare parts
• Product run Pancreatin (digestive enzyme), no hormones, no antibiotics, no cytostatics
• Original SPS Omron PA 208
• Complete programmed replacement controller
• Replacement HMI
• Replacement of main drive (B+R servomotor) with own control cabinet 2 years ago
• Drive 400V/50Hz
• Qualification documentation may be supplied
• Has worked together with separately available Bosch KKE 2500 capsule weighing system (see item no. 02-0748)
• Machine is ready for operation until approx. June 2024 at the operator in Northern Germany

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