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Bosch/Syntegon MRD 1020 Stand alone Cartridge filling/closing machine
Pos.-No.: 02-0752
Pos.-No.: 02-0752

Bosch/Syntegon MRD 1020 Stand alone
Cartridge filling/closing machine

Make: Bosch/Syntegon
Type: MRD 1020 Stand alone
Model: 2014

• For sterile filling of liquids (local anaesthetic, insulin) in cartridges and sealing with rubber stopper (base) and aluminium caps with integrated rubber stopper (neck)
• Usable liquids: Water-like, non-foaming, non-viscous, non-crystalline
• With enclosure passive RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) with 6 glove ports (photo shows a machine without RABS)
• Stand-alone machine with 2 filling stations, without washing machine and sterile tunnel
• Output max. 100 objects/min
• Object diam. 8.65 - 18.25 mm, max. height 70 mm, depending on format set
• Manual product feed via chute and feed screw
• Additional product feed with vibrating plate for line connection with leading sterile tunnel
• Rubber stopper feed for cartridge base with storage hopper, sorting bowl and push-in plunger
• Product intermediate tank 2 litres
• 2 filling stations with rotary piston pumps with pre-filling and overflow filling for 1 - 5 ml
• Feeder for aluminium cap with integrated rubber stopper for cartridge neck with storage hopper, sorting bowl, cap placement station and sealing by crimping station
• Good product outlet in Bosch standard cassette (l x w x h) 390 x 149 x 90 mm
• Bad product ejection into container
• Format set for cartridge 3 ml, diam. 11.60 x 62.30 mm, rubber stopper diam. 10.00 x 8.13 mm, cap diam. 7.50 x 5.30 mm
• Hepa filter
• PLC Siemens S7 with Siemens HMI, ELAU servo controller
• Drive 400V/50Hz
• Spare parts package for 4,000 operating hours (1-2 years)
• CE declaration of conformity
• Machine is unused and still in original wooden boxes in China (therefore no original photos available)
• Price includes free delivery to European destination, duty unpaid

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