Used Machinery / 03 Blister Packer / Klöckner (Otto Hänsel) CP 10
Pos.-No.: 03-0092
Pos.-No.: 03-0092

Blister machine

Make: Klöckner (Otto Hänsel)
Type: CP 10
Model: 1984/2011
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Deep drawing and blister machine for PVC/PVDC - Alu, blister size max (width x length) 220 x 140 mm, max. depth 12 mm, output 10-50 cycles/min, film core-Ø 70- 76 mm, automatic product feeding for capsules/oblongs with spiral conveyor, film stretching device, print mark control, camera b/w filling control with fragment detecting, model 1996, make HPF, type EOK-FL, marking device, blister separating device, faulty product discharge, 1 tool set for 2 blister with 5 x 4 capsules/ea, new PLC control in 2011 according to IEC 1131, make B+R Power Panel 400, el. connection 220/380V/50Hz

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