Used Machinery / 03 Blister Packer / Scanware Lynx Spectra HR
Pos.-No.: 03-0146
Pos.-No.: 03-0146

Colour Product Inspection

Make: Scanware
Type: Lynx Spectra HR
Model: 2014

• Color filling control for detection of under-mixing, size, position, fragments and overfilling
Adjustable illumination
Max. width of blister web 320 mm
Application: For tablets/oblongs/coated tablets/hard and soft gelatin capsules
Inspection for: Color/presence/size/shape/circumference/location/broken pieces/overfill
21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
Format versions are stored separately
Suitable for Uhlmann blister machines, as equipped with Uhlmann rail system
All system units installed in one box
Update to latest version possible by manufacturer Scanware

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