Pos.-No.: 04-0246
Pos.-No.: 04-0246


Make: Bosch
Type: CAR T 5
Model: 1989
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Format range folding box (5 inch) W 20-95, H 16-70, L 60-200 mm
Output max. 100 folding boxes/min, intermittent motion
Bottle feed conveyor
Closure double-sided offset tuck-in flaps
Leaflet folding and inserting machine from magazine Bosch FM 75-3
Code reading PCE (2x brochure, 1x folding box, 1x brochure presence in folding box)
2 blind embossing units front and back
Bad ejection with ejection countercheck
Vacuum pump
Contactor control
Connection 400V/50 Hz

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