Pos.-No.: 04-0258
Pos.-No.: 04-0258

Cartoner (bottle)

Make: Bosch
Type: CUT 120
Model: 2008

• Format range W 20-110, H 15-100, L 50-200 mm
• Output max. 120 cartons/min, clocked
• Equipped for double-sided offset tuck-in closure, control system also prepared for double-sided glue closure
• Centrally adjustable bucket chain
• Product infeed conveyor for upright bottles with transfer in bucket chain
• Existing format sets for bottle diam. 16, 16-27, 25-32, 30-40, 40-52, 48-57, 65-76 mm, 1 format part included in price, each additional format set EUR 1.500
• Brochure inserter in bucket chain
• Automatic brochure folder and inserter from stack GUK FA21/4 Cartonac 91, servo drive
• Code reading for 2x brochure code (front + back), 1x brochure, 1x folding box code, 1x brochure presence in folding box
• Without blind embossing printing unit (mechanically prepared), control system prepared for inkjet printer Wolke M600 with PCE camera control (can be retrofitted at an extra charge)
• Bad ejection with ejection counter control
• Elau servos with servo controller 9x Elau PacDrive MC4 with 1x PacDrive MAx-4
• Control Bosch (Rexroth) IPC300P3 with Profibus, modem
• Touchscreen Bosch BF312 T, menu languages German + English
• Connection 400V/50Hz
• Incl. qualification documents from previous operator (FDS, HDS, SDS) in German

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