Used Machinery / 04 Folding box cartoners / Jakob & Wienmeier CK06-AV/6-600-R
Pos.-No.: 04-0262
Pos.-No.: 04-0262

Jakob & Wienmeier CK06-AV/6-600-R

Make: Jakob & Wienmeier
Type: CK06-AV/6-600-R
Model: 2004

• Automatic operation, product feed horizontal, box feed vertical
• Folding box format range w 15-140 x h 10-70 x l 45-160 mm depending on format inserts (data not binding, exact statement after receipt of customer's folding box sample)
• for both sides flap closure by hot glue with hot melt device Nordson ProBlue 4
• Output max. 55 cycles/min
• Product infeed conveyor with grouping and stacking station for small carton in infeed direction w 22 x h 9 x l 70 mm, other product infeeds possible at extra cost
• Embossing unit for flap opposite insertion side with 2-line embossing stick
• Outfeed conveyor with stacking chute for filled folding cartons
• Available format sets for folding box sizes w 75+70, h 21+12 mm (depth adjustable without format)
• Teachbox for checking the function of the closing tools
• PLC Siemens S7-300 CPU 314 with operator terminal Siemens Simatic OP 3
• Connection 400/230V/50Hz

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