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Ackley Three Drum Printer Tablet printing device
Pos.-No.: 06-0379
Pos.-No.: 06-0379

Ackley Three Drum Printer
Tablet printing device

Make: Ackley
Type: Three Drum Printer
Model: 2012

• Three drum printer for two side offset printing of film/sugar-coated tablets, oval-shaped products, not suitable for printing on capsules.
• Output max. 250,000/h tablets
• With vibratory feeder for drum connection and sorter (twin removal, capped tablets, tablet pieces)
• Without elevator between sorter and machine
• PLC Allen Bradley PAC with touchscreen, user login and password function for 21CFR11 compliance (Effective 2012)
• With change parts for tablets dia 8,2 mm
• FAT documentation
• Without vacuum pumps (2 needed)
• Several spare parts
• Electr. connection 230V/50Hz

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