Pos.-No.: 06-0382
Pos.-No.: 06-0382

Rotary tablet press

Make: Kilian
Type: RX 67
Model: 1986 / 2003
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Double rotary press, 67 stations, pressing/pre-pressing capacity max. 80/13 kN, tablet diam. 2-13 mm, filling depth max. 16 mm according to filling cam, no cams included, output 65.000-600.000 tablets/hr, keyed turret (only upper tools), turret for tooling EU-B / BB die, forced feeder, 2003 upgraded to PLC Siemens S 5 and panel OP 17 and retrofit to press control Kilian CW 200 for direct weight control, no toolings included, 230/400V/50Hz/5,5 kW

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