Pos.-No.: 06-0400
Pos.-No.: 06-0400

Rotary tablet press

Make: Fette
Type: P 2000
Model: 1982
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Single-sided rotary press with 43 punch stations for keyed upper and lower punches
Tool type EU 19 with EU-BB dies
Output 64,500 - 258,000 tabl./hour
Pressing force max. 80 kN, pre-pressing force max. 15 kN
Tablet diam. max. 13 mm
Tablet thickness max. 8.5 mm
Filling depth max. 18 mm depending on filling curve
Filling curves 6, 10 and 18 mm available (18 mm built-in)
Forced feeder (Fill-o-matic) for fine powder materials
Stainless steel filling funnel
Fette CAS control system
IPC press force control, Penta Hercules Medical, with separate monitor, operating system Windows NT, retrofitted in 2000 (will be sold without inspection)
Fast switch for missing tablets
Existing tool set for tablet diam. 13 mm, concave/concave, curvature radius 18 mm.
Additional unused lift cam available
Machine control PLC Eberle PLS 511
Electr. connection 400V/50Hz

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