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Pos.-No.: 06-0402
Pos.-No.: 06-0402

Rotary tablet press full containment

Make: Korsch/ART
Type: XL 100-8-EUD-DMS
Model: 2003/2016
Location: Supplier

Tablet press Korsch XL 100, year of construction 2003
• 8 tool stations for tabletting tools EU-D
• Capacity 9.600-48.000 tablets/h
• Pressing/pre-pressing force 60/10 kN
• Indication of the compressive forces via strain gauges
• Tablet diam. max. 25 mm
• Filling depth max. 14 mm, depending on filling cam
• With filling cams 4-10 and 8-14 mm
• Suitable for guided upper punch tools
• Stirring blade filling shoe Fill-o-matic, speed 20-100 rpm
• Without press force control
• Without tabletting tools

Isolator ART GmbH, year of construction 2016
• Stand-alone system
• For tabletting operation with HPAPIs (up to OEB 5)
• 2 integrated scales:
- Mettler Toledo WMS1203-C-W10, max. 1,220 g, scale interval 0.001 g
- Mettler Toledo KA6s, max. 6 kg, scale interval 0.0002 kg
• Height 2,709 mm, base area 1,397 x 1983 mm (not rectangular)
• 6 HDPE containers, each with a double flap unit:
- 25 l, 2 pieces
- 20 l, 2 pieces
- 5 l, 2 pieces
• Double-flap units are also available for the powder feed and the tablet outlet
• CIP connections for water and compressed air for manual cleaning in the interior with spray gun
• Space sufficient to display a break strength tester (e.g. Sotax HAT 1) and a friction tester (e.g. Erweka TAR 120) in the isolator (devices not included in the scope of delivery)
• Last maintenance and calibration by manufacturer: January 2020

• Only used as a development machine
• Qualification documentation included
• Equipment history of highly potent agents available with cleaning validations
• The entire plant is still set up by the operator in Germany and can be inspected by arrangement
• The sales price is understood to be ex location of the machine in assembled condition. Dismantling, removal and loading by the manufacturer of the isolator (ART) are at the buyer's expense

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