Pos.-No.: 11-0205
Pos.-No.: 11-0205

Stainless steel pressure vessel with magnetic agitator

Make: Mavag
Type: *
Model: 1996
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Double jacketed reaction and stirring vessel, volume 30 l., pressure range -1/+3 bar, temperature range -10/150 °C, double jacket volume 4 l., pressure -1/+3 bar, temperature range -10/+150 °C, product touching parts made out of s/s 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti), others 1.4301 (AISI 304), inspection window, lighting, various connections, eccentrically mounted magnetic stirrer 0.37kW, speed adjustable 0 - 201 rpm, agitator diam. 120 mm, 3 stirring blades, 6 pressure latches, torospherical (dished) bottom, discharge valve at the bottom, mobile, temperature sensor double PT-100, Siemens Micro Master frequency converter, Siemens OPM Clear Text display, el. connection 230V/50Hz/1kW

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