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Mediseal CP 400 / P 3000 Blister packing line
Pos.-No.: 13-0097
Pos.-No.: 13-0097

Mediseal CP 400 / P 3000
Blister packing line

Make: Mediseal
Type: CP 400 / P 3000
Model: 1998

Blister packaging line, consisting of: Thermoforming blister machine Mediseal CP 400 and folding box cartoning machine Mediseal P 3000, incl. new PLC, operator terminal (HMI) and servocontroller:

Thermoforming blister machine CP 400:
• Set up for PVC/ALU film (conversion to ALU/ALU possible at extra cost)
• Output thermoforming station max. 50-60 cycles/min depending on blister format
• Output punching station max. 400 blisters/min depending on blister format
• Foil width max. 160 mm
• Roll diam. max. 500 mm, core diam. 70-76 mm
• 2 roll holders for thermoforming film with film spreader and gluing device for roll change during operation
• Pull-off length in thermoforming range 140-220 mm
• Drawing depth PVC max. 12 mm
• Drawing depth ALU max. 9.5 mm
• Feeding: directional tablet feed with spiral conveyor and alternatively brush box (without format parts)
• Film heating (PVC) - Shrinkage compensation (PVC)
• Film tear control (ALU)
• Roller sealing
• Signing station
• Perforating station
• Fill control with colour camera Scanware
• Drive 220/400V/50Hz
• Without any format tools in the film run (forming, sealing, signing, perforating, punching)

Folding box cartoning machine P 3000:
• Continuous running
• Format range folding cartons w 35-85 mm, h 12-95 mm, l 65-150 mm
• Output max. 300 folding boxes/min
• Leaflet folder and inserter from stack GUK FA 21/4 Cartonac 91
• Equipped for offset tuck-in flap
• Blister stack shaft
• Prepared for installation of colour embossing unit (not included)
• Code reading 1x brochure, brochure in carton, 1x carton code
• Bad carton ejection with ejection countercheck
• Drive 220/400V/50Hz

Conversion / upgrade included (photos still show old control system, conversion will be carried out after receipt of order):
• New PLC B+R type APC 2200 with new software
• New HMI B+R Automation TouchPanel 5AP1120.101E
• New servo controllers

New format parts/tools, ALU/ALU conversion and colour embossing unit can be offered at extra cost.

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