Used Machinery / 13 Complete lines and Plants / Uhlmann UPS 1030 MKT + C 2155
Pos.-No.: 13-0101
Pos.-No.: 13-0101

Blister packing line

Make: Uhlmann
Type: UPS 1030 MKT + C 2155
Model: 2007
Location: Supplier

• Blister packaging line consisting of: Thermoforming blister machine Uhlmann UPS 1030 MKT and folding cartoning machine Uhlmann C 2155

Thermoforming blister machine UPS 1030 MKT (multi-cycle continuous):
• Set up for ALU/PVC-PVDC-PP aclar operation.
• Output 15-80 forming cycles/min, max. 600 blisters/min
• Feed rate 55-142 mm
• Blister width 30-255 mm, blister length 53-140 mm
• Punching area in running direction 264 mm, crosswise to running direction 255 mm
• Drawing depth max. 10 mm
• Drum lifter Mucki for product infeed
• Roller stand
• Vibratory feeder with brush box for tablets/capsules
• Directional feed (standard feed channel vertical) for tablet diam. 6, 10, 11, 13 mm (all biplan, 10-count blister); 7 mm (biplan, 14-count blister)
• Sealing roller and preferential roller cooled
• Stretching unit for targeted printing
• Product inspection with CCD colour camera VisioChrom
• Compact station with embossing, perforation, die-cutter
• Reject station for partially filled/empty/IPC blisters
• Transfer conveyor to cartoner
• PLC B+R 2010
• HMI B+R Automation PC, menu languages German and English
• With format tools for biplane round tablets diam. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 mm, always 2x3 blisters in running direction, 1 punching format widthxlength 40x95 mm
• Hapa printing unit on the photos is not supplied
• Without cooling unit
• Drive 230/400V/50Hz

Folding box cartoning machine C 2155:
• Output 10-150 folding boxes/min
• Format range folding box w 30-115, h 15-90, l 63-170 mm
• Closure double-sided offset tuck-in flaps
• Additional double-sided gluing station for tamper-evident closure with hotmelt gluer Nordson ProBlue4, year 2015
• Blister stacking device, blister refeeding chute
• Discharge of blister stacks for manual packaging with separate discharge belt
• 2 suction arms for folding box transfer and counter suction for pre-breaking
• Automatic brochure folder and inserter GUK FA 21/4 Cartonac 91 from magazine, brochure format (LxW) 100-210 x 80-600 mm
• Colour embossing unit on both sides
• Bad package ejection with counter-check
• HMI B+R Automation PC, menu languages German and English
• Servocontroller Elau MC-4, C400, renewed in 2012
• Drive 230/400V/50Hz

- The entire plant is available from the middle of 2022 at the earliest and can be inspected at the previous operator in southern Germany by arrangement with a test run.
- The sales price includes dismantling, removal and loading, any packaging will be charged separately.
- The plant is serviced twice a year, calibration once a year.
- The plant will only be sold as a whole, no individual sale of the machines possible

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