Used Machinery / 13 Complete lines and Plants / Pamasol X02046-023/003, P 2058/1, Micromat P 2015/1B
Pos.-No.: 13-0102
Pos.-No.: 13-0102

Aerosol filling/closing plant

Make: Pamasol
Type: X02046-023/003, P 2058/1, Micromat P 2015/1B
Model: 2007, 1992

Aerosol system for the pharmaceutical sector (set up for anti-asthmatic product), capacity max. 50 doses/min, consisting of:

Dose sorter X02046-023/003
• Feed hopper
• Elevator
• Horizontal disc sorter
• Blow-out unit with sterile-filtered nitrogen
• Turning unit

Valve sorter P 2058/1
• Sorting bowl for valves
• Feeding of directional valves in Micromat

Diaphragm filler Micromat P 2015/1B
• Purger (displacement of air in the cans with propellant gas)
• Putting on the valves
• Crimping of the valves
• Suspension filler for active ingredient, max. 100 ml
• Propellant gas filler (deactivated), max. 100 ml

Outlet turntable
• Diam. 800 mm
• Adjustable speed

Conveyor belts

- Available format set for can diam. 22 mm, heights 44 or 59 mm, filling quantity 20 ml, valve 20 mm without riser tube
- Qualification documentation (IQ/OQ/DQ) available
- System has worked together with continuous checkweigher (our Item No. 10-0222) for checking the weight of the cans
- Drive 400V/50Hz

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