Used Machinery / 13 Complete lines and Plants / Bausch & Ströbel AWU 6030, DHT 62125, ESM 10010, RVB 4080
Pos.-No.: 13-0106
Pos.-No.: 13-0106

Bausch & Ströbel AWU 6030, DHT 62125, ESM 10010, RVB 4080
Bottle washing/sterilizing/filling/closing line

Make: Bausch & Ströbel
Type: AWU 6030, DHT 62125, ESM 10010, RVB 4080
Model: 2015

System for filling infusion bottles for lipid emulsions and closing with rubber stopper and aluminium cap
• Construction in a straight line
• Output max. 5,800 bottles/h, with sterilisation in DHT 62125 and CFDA-conditions 4,000 bottles/h (100 ml), 2,250/h (250 ml), 1,500/h (500ml)
• Usable bottle sizes depending on formats: diam. 16-98 mm, height 85-180 mm
• Usable rubber stoppers depending on formats: diam. 12-35 mm, height 6-18 mm
• Usable crimp caps according to formats: diam. 12-40 mm, height 6-18 mm
• Available formats for glass bottles 100, 250 and 500 ml
• Parts in contact with product made of stainless steel AISI 316L
• PLC Siemens S7
• HMI Bausch & Ströbel OVD (Operation, Visualisation, Data collection and Evaluation) basic operating 15 inch touch panel PC
• Operating system Windows Embedded Standard 7
• Menu languages D, E, CH
• User administration according to 21 CFR part 11 EU GMP Annex 11
• Ethernet interface
• Compact Flash Card (CF)
• UPS for HMI
• Connection 230/400V/50Hz

System consisting of:

Washing machine AWU 6030 (ultrasonic)
• Bottle feeder in bulk
• max. temperature 85°C
• 8 stations
• Pre-cleaning by ultrasonic device
• Main cleaning by ultrasonic device
• Recirculation
• 3 different cleaning liquids can be used
• PLC Siemens S7-300, servo motors Jetter with Jetter Control

Sterilising tunnel DHT 62125
• 1 preheating zone with prefilter F5 according to DIN EN779
• 5 sterilising zones slightly turbulent LF with filters class H14 and H13 according to DIN EN1822
• 2 cooling zones length 2,700 mm with pre-filter F5 according to DIN EN779 and slightly turbulent LF with filters class H14 according to DIN EN1822
• Monitoring for filters with Magnehelic differential pressure gauges
• Monitoring for airflow with Photohelic differential pressure gauges
• Monitoring for temperature with PT 100
• 12-channel recorder
• PLC Siemens S7-300, AC/DC motors

Filling/gassing/evacuation/plugging machine ESM 10010 (CIP/SIP)
• 10-position intermittent bottle transport in line
• Dosing tank 100L, pressurised
• Gas flushing during filling
• Time/pressure filling system (low shear forces)
• Electronically adjustable needle movements for overhead filling
• 2 sorting pots for cap feed with 2x5 stopper feed rails
• Evacuation before capping with rubber stoppers, alternatively with or without gas exchange
• CIP/SIP system (Cleaning in Place / Sterilising in Place) for the entire dosing system incl. 100L dosing tank
• PLC Siemens S7-400, servo motors Jetter with Jetter Control

Closing machine for aluminium caps (crimp caps) RVB 4080
• 8 stations capping unit in rotary cycle
• Cap hopper
• Sorting bowl
• PLC Siemens S7-300, AC/DC motors

The entire plant was delivered to China in 2015, but never put into operation. The product that was to be filled on this line did not go into production. Since then, it has stood there protected, originally factory-packed and complete in wooden crates. A last visual inspection in January 2023 by a Bausch & Ströbel technician confirmed this. The sales price includes transport to a European destination of your choice. Customs costs will be charged separately. Installation, commissioning, qualification, new CE-marking (the unit has no CE-marking) and possible updates can be arranged by us on request. The manufacturer Bausch & Ströbel will be pleased to assist you. The system can be delivered at short notice.

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