Pos.-No.: 99-0759
Pos.-No.: 99-0759

Laser engraver for print map production

Make: HAPA
Type: H-530
Model: 2000
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

• For cliches on natural rubber basis (Rubberflex). These are softer than polymer cliches and insensible for adjustment
• The ideal inhouse solution for daily changed batch, order and LOT numbers in combination with HAPA UV-flexo printer
• Laser output 150 W (CO2-laser)
• Engraving area max. (l x w) 510 x 700 mm
• Dissolution max. 2400 dpi
• Engraving speed at 1200 dpi (standard) and 0,6 mm depth 4,1 mm/min
• New laser gun in 2016 (worth EUR 12.000), last service in 02/2019 with 804 working hours
• Old laser gun enclosed, needs only new gas filling (appr. EUR 1.000)
• Main CPU, image processor and HMI new in 2017 (worth EUR 30.000)
• Incl. PlaceIt-software for creating of cliches with documentation in German and English, operating system WIN 7.0 (worth EUR 8.000)
• Cooling device Autotherm AKL 55
• Annual maintenance by HAPA technician
• Assistance for installation, commissioning, training and validation possible against extra charge
• In operation until September 2019
• Electr. connection 400/50/60Hz

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