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RonTech MF-220 LAVuSMBaSV Miscellaneous
Pos.-No.: 99-0762
Pos.-No.: 99-0762

RonTech MF-220 LAVuSMBaSV

Make: RonTech
Type: MF-220 LAVuSMBaSV
Model: 2005

• For feeding of brochures etc.
• Speed of friction straps max. 240 m/min
• Width of product max. 650 mm
• Length of product min. 165 mm
• Height of magazin appr. 700 mm
• Speed adjustable
• Quantity control
• Frequency controler Danfoss
• Servocontroler Elau PacDrive MC-4
• 230 VAC/50Hz/3A

Friction Feeder without control (PLC), must be integrated into a machine control system (PLC), or must equipped with a separate control system. We can offer this work on request.

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