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Brevetti A 30 Inspection machine for ampoules
Pos.-No.: 99-0837
Pos.-No.: 99-0837

Brevetti A 30
Inspection machine for ampoules

Make: Brevetti
Type: A 30
Model: 2016

• Fully automatic inspection machine for ampoules with water-like and slightly viscous solutions, not suitable for protein solutions, ideal entry-level machine
• Output max. 12,000 ampoules/h
• Ampoule diam. 8-36 mm, height max. 135 mm, depending on format set
• 3 high resolution cameras, 2 b/w for particle inspection, 1 colour for fill level inspection
• 1 inspection for static control of the ampoule tip (shape, ring colour code)
• 1 inspection for dynamic control of the ampoule tip (burns, OPC control of the colour dot and predetermined breaking point)
• Format sets for ampoules 2 ml, 5 ml (diam. 14.75 mm), 10 ml (diam. 17.75 mm)
• Manual feed of ampoules via cassettes
• Outfeed of good ampoules into 1-lane conveyor belt to downstream machine (approx. 300 mm long)
• Bad ampoules are ejected into Brevetii standard cassettes
• PLC Siemens S7-300
• HMI Siemens Simatic, menu language German
• Drive 220/24V/50Hz
• Last maintenance by Brevetti technician in 02/2023
• Qualification documentation is included
• Only 350 operating hours!
• The machine will remain with the operator in Switzerland until approx. the end of August 2024 and can be inspected in operation there

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