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Pos-No.: 01-0329

Pos-No.: 01-0329 Ointment processing plant

Make/Type: Koruma / V 100/45
Model: 1993
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

• Vacuum mixing, dispersing and homogenizing pilot plant
• Homogenizer with 2-chamber system, chamber 1 mixing/dispersing, chamber 2 homogenizing, operation area aseptically sealed (can be sterilized), mechanical seal, speed 100-5,000 rpm, drive 5.5 kW
• Mixing container gross volume 45 l, net volume 6-30 l, vacuum-proof -1 bar, jacket pressure-proof up to 6 bar, manual cap lifting device
• Scraper agitator with flow breaker, Garlock sealing, speed 28 rpm, drive 0,37 kW
• Vacuum pump (water ring pump)
• Recirculation pipe possible (not attached)
• 1 storage tank left (melting tank) volume 30 l, jacket, removable cap, temperatur probe
• 1 storage tank right, volume 5 l, no jacket, removable cap
• Temperature control and regulation device with chiller Single STW 150 for jacket mixing container and melting tank, power 12 kW, temperature max. 95°C, timer
• Product parts made of V4A /AISI 316 Ti
• 6 channel line recorder for temperature mixing container/melting tank, speed homogenizer, running time, running time scraper agitator, vacuum mixing container
• Timer chiller/switch off homogenizer
• Contactor control
• Electr. connection 230/400V/50Hz

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