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Pos-No.: 02-0667

Pos-No.: 02-0667 Capper

Make/Type: Rationator / ROBOCAP 40/6 D RLP
Model: 2010
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

6 closing spindles for servo controled screwing/pushing with control of torque, speed and angle position, for bottle transport with Rationator RATILIGHT Puck 1 system (transport cups, see pdf), operation also for non steady objects, operation direction from left to right, sorting bowl for membrane cap with feeding rail, made by Jahn Apparatebau, type SAK 600/1000, no. 197/10, alternatively feeding hopper for screw caps, made by Rationator, type BE 200/2400/300, no. 1484, hopper feeding size 1,100 x 1,100 mm, sorting bowl for screw caps with feeding rail, made of Rationator, type CS 1500, no. 1485, dia 1,500 mm, bottle height control, following parts are not included: conveyor chain, drive for conveyor, format parts, transport cups, closing heads, with IPC control, USV (uninterrupted power supply), made by Wöhrle, type AHA-103 H R/L, machine worked together with forerunning sealing machine Fillpack L01-DO, our item-# 02-0668. A new filling machine from Fillpack can be purchased with approx. 60 objects/min. (New price approx. EUR 100,000) to form a complete filling, sealing and closing line together with our Fillpack 02-0668 (see pdf)

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