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Pos-No.: 03-0127

Pos-No.: 03-0127 Blister machine

Make/Type: Uhlmann / UPS 2 DT
Model: 1987
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

adjusted for ALU/PVC, output 15-50 forming strokes/min, max. 100 punching strokes/min, max. 400 blister/min, formate and punching area max. (index x width) 220 x 188 mm, forming depth max. 12 mm, vibrationfeeder with brush box for tablets/capsules, filling control from blister bottom with color camera Scanware Lynx-Spectra HR and own PLC Bachmann MX 207/DIO 248 for shift register (upgraded in 2010), roller block, perforating station, film guard, bad discharge, dicharge counter checking, vacuum pump, waste cutter, hand-over conveyor to cartoner, electronic cam Digitronic CamCon, MC-control, electr. connection 220/380V/50Hz, without formate parts, also as line available with cartoner Uhlmann C 100, see our item-# 13-0094

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