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Pos-No.: 04-0234

Pos-No.: 04-0234 Cartoner

Make/Type: IMA / Flexa AV
Model: 2003
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

• Intermittent motion, formate area folding box W 15-90 mm, H 12-90 mm, L 55-170 mm
• Output 80-150 boxes/min
• Bottle feeding device with feeding conveyor and change parts for bottle diam. 30 mm (e-liquids, perfumed oils)
• Embossing device with 5 lines for front flap
• Bad discharge
• Leaflet folder/inserter GUK FA21/4 Cartonac 91 for overlong leaflets L max. 650 mm, W max. 215 mm
• Code reader Laetus Argus 6012 for 2x leaflet, 1x box
• Suitable for bothside tuck-in closure with alternate or equal flaps
• Touchscreen BFB IMA with terminal PC Polaris V40, controller Parker 1x Twin, 3x SPD
• Vacuum ejector
• Electr. connection 400V/50Hz/26A

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