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Pos-No.: 06-0383

Pos-No.: 06-0383 Eccentric tablet press

Make/Type: Korsch / EK IV
Model: 1975
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

Tablet-Ø/transversal max. 70 mm with single tool, filling depth max. 70 mm, output max. 1,800 tabl/h with single tool, 4 speeds 8/15/22/30 cycles/min, pressing capacity max. 450 kN, sev. tablet tools: 2-fold, diam. 22 mm, flat/flat; 2 sets 3-fold, diam. 15 mm, flat/flat; 4-fold, diam. 12 mm, flat/flat; 5-fold, diam. 8 mm, flat/flat; 26-fold, diam. 8 mm, biconcave (1 mini punch is missing); oblong 59 x 17,5 mm, biconcave with break notch; oblong 62 x 17,5 mm, biconcave with break notch, machine was regularely maintained in the past years by an expert shop for tablet presses (M/s. Luxner/Berlin/Germany), repairing/renewing of upper excenter eye in 2013, gear box overhauling in 2016, housing made of acrylic glas, electr. connection 380V/50Hz

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