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Pos-No.: 11-0227

Pos-No.: 11-0227 Vessel

Make/Type: Feldmeier Equipment / SASS-A-TNK-003
Model: 2013
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)

total volume vessel 1,300 ltr., volume jacket 316 ltr., working temperature max. 190°C, jacked temperature max. 190 °C, working overpressure 0.34 bar, jacket max. 11.38 bar, upper inside diam. 1,448 mm, lower inside diam. 762 mm, cone angle 30 degrees, 14 pressure fastening screws, product-contacted parts made of stainless steel, agitator, inspection glass, washing ball, outlet in the bottom center, 3 pcs. Mettler Toledo compression weigh modules, min. 10 kg, max. 1,500 kg each modul, accuracy d = 0.5 kg, Mettler Toledo weighing terminal IND560, Vessel is sold as a spare part carrier without function, without electrics and without control cabinet

This machine is offered at a special price and is sold 'as is - were is', without technical inspection.

Bargainprice: 12.000,00

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