Used Machinery / Top 3

Pos.-No.: 01-0341

Ointment processing plant (Homogenizer)

Make: Becomix-Berents
Type: RW 1200 S / MV 1000 / MV 600
Model: 2013
Location: Carrier
Ointment processing plant consisting of a mixing vessel an two batching tanks incl. eletrics/electronics, vacuum pump an piping

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Pos.-No.: 02-0737

Sachet filler

Make: Harro Höfliger
Type: BRT II 120 L
Model: 2005
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Horizontal running fully automatic 3-edge and 4-edge sealing bag (sachet) machine for filling/sealing of powdery products in simplex/duplex… more details
Pos.-No.: 03-0134

Blister machine

Make: Uhlmann
Type: B 1240
Model: 2006
Location: Stapelfeld (Germany)
Set up for ALU/PVC and ALU/ALU operation
• Format range blister (W x L) min 50 x 22 mm / max. 156 x 115 mm
• Drawing depth max. 10… more details